Alumni 2017-2018 (from Tsarevna + Jean Sibelius)


Berkana coon Tsarevna                    Ch. Sokolpark Jean Sibelius

HCM-DNA negative,  PK.Def.negative, линия SMA-negative, негативно по SMA., Felv, Fiv.


Our kittens become the Best litter  among maine coon at the international Exhibition "Kubok Valencii" the 07 of April 2018

Mishutka - ns 22 03. Very big  (in 10 months - 8 kg.)  with perfect characteristics.

Leaves in a new home. We wish Him a happy long life.

At the Exhibition "РосКош" (Roskosh) the 01-02 of September 2018 - 2 CACJ and was Best nomined.

At the Exhibition "Астра" (Astra) the 15-16 of September -  2 САС + and was 2 times Best nominated.

He is a Champion now))


Massiandra - ns 22 03. Lives in a new ho/me



  Magellan - ns 22. Lives in a new home.


Martsipan - ns 22. Lives in a new home.



Monamour - ns 22. Lives in a new home.