About us

Berkana Coon –  is  a Maine Coon cattery. Registered in WCF since 2009.

Because of change in WCF rules we had to reregistrate. Now our official name is Berkana-soon.

We are located in Moscow, Russia.


Our cats are registered in WCF and CFA and participate in exhibitions of WCF since 2006, in exhibitions CFA since 2012.


Our goal is breed show quality cats with super outgoing and affectionate temperament.


 Berkana-coon Targuitaj (9 mounths)                                                                          


We follow WCF and CFA standards of the breed.


At the moment we have 2 females in our breeding program. We don't have our males. We always choose our future dads very carefully.

Our cattery is aimed at breeding maincoon silver color.

Cats live with us. They're our favorites. They are never locked in cages that we just don't have.


  Berkana-Coon Lola


Kittens grow in love and care. Kissed and loved. )) With proper nutrition and under medical supervision.

Kittens are passed into the loving arms not before the age of 3 months, after all required vaccinations by age with health certificate and sales contract

All our cats and kittens are healthy.

Kittens can never be transferred to the free range, only as an animal living in the house and does not have free access outdoor.

We will be glad to answer your questions.



Berkana Coon                                                                                                   
Tel.: +7 8-916-187-27-43

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