About mainecoons

Maine coon is a veeery big cat with golden temperament

The first and the main, of course, size. This is a very large cats (the largest named Leo lived in the United States and weighed 15.8 kg. and about 122 cm. long) with luxury and a long tail.

Maine coon cats do not require special care and are ideal for those who love long-haired cats, but do not have time for daily combing their hair.

Maine Coon is a natural breed for America, as for us Siberian cat. Therefore, the Maine coons are distinguished by natural health.

Almost everyone who had a chance to communicate with the Maine coon cats, note such qualities of these animals as nobility, tact, restraint and strength of character, based, apparently, on self-confidence. They are autonomius and independent, having a calm and balanced character, at the same time active, mobile and prefer to have enough space for walks.


                                                                                                                  Berkana-Coon Kesar (3 months)


Most of all in those wild appearance and serious affects cats affectionate and cheerful temper. By the nature of the Maine Coon-playful children: they love to play, hide in the most secluded corners of the house, climb on tables and window sills and show extreme curiosity in everything, whatever it may concern. Main coon particularly good at jumping — but they are famous not only for its jumping ability, but also the ability to dwell comfortably on all the cupboards and shelves under the ceiling.

 Main coon affectionate with the guests, get along with all pets and love all family members without exception.

Very sociable and absolutely unsophisticated, they accompany the owner everywhere.

Maine Coon are like little children, they understand that "the father(mother) is busy" only for five minutes, and then they start fiddling with the owner again to find out how things are and whether it's time to play together.

These severe— looking giant cats are quite calm and non-aggressive not only to humans, but also to other animals. That is why they easily get along in large families, where there are small children, dogs or other animals. Main Coons are very smart, and even shrewd cat, incredibly loyal to their masters.

These kind and affectionate coons are very "talkative", although you rarely hear from

these cats are the traditional "meow",

They make a specific one, a very nice clang sound, like melodic cooing. And it is impossible to believe that these sounds and makes a huge beast.

Cat maincoon equally adapted as to be the village cat-the pied Piper, and to life as a pet.