Clio Kocurro*PL

Malishka ( eng.Baby) (Clio Kocurro*Pl, born 01.11.2003,  CACIB (WCF) ) came to us from another breeder in 2005,some time after our beloved Siberian Bajusha died of old age,

and we unanimously, the whole family, decided that without a cat in the house is not enough warm and cat purring.

She was almost a year and a half when we took her, but she was very adapted, it's like she's always lived here.


That's when we fell in love with Maine coons! Balanced and friendly character,

smart look and, I will not be afraid of this word,collectivism - bought us finally:)

Malishka always first hear, when someone comes, and like a dog, running to meet. Therefore, even if the loud TV or radio, I understand the behavior of a cat that someone came home.

Unfortunately, she went to the rainbow, but stays always with us.