Born 17.12.2018 form Tsiry and Barny


Ch.Berkana coon Tsitseja        WCH. Barney Kolovershi

(Tsiry at home - the cleverst and    (Barny at home - very smart and colorful

very calm and devoted mother)            with fantastic lovely chararter)

Both - HCM-DNA negative,  PK.Def.negative,  SMA-negative, Negative SMA., Felv, Fiv.



2 girls - colorful turtle (f 03 and fs 03)

1 boy  black and white (n 03) Very big

1 boy black (n)


First little victory!

Two days of excibition РосКошная весна в Сокольниках (Roskoshnaya vesna in Sokolniki, Moscow) 27-28 of April  2019 our kittens become the Best litter (not noly among mainecoons))



This girl born the first: nice sweeet Jazel - f 03

Vey devoted and calm. Very household kitty)). The most purring.))



The second born our little hercules with rare black and white color Jemchug - n 02

Very beautiful  with super breed charateriscis! Loves to eat))

Very tender and kissing. They say "mama's boy" and sweety)) - Live in a new home




The third come our blacky - Georgelive in a new home

Handsome, loves to plays games and to sleep)





And finelly  nice silver turtle-cat fs 03 - Georgettta .

Independent beauty, clever and tender.))



 Pedigree in fotos